Welcome From The Principal


Welcome to Rotorua Lakes High School. Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important responsibilities you undertake and it is my very great honour to lead such a successful, thriving school.


It is a very friendly school where children are encouraged to become confident, caring and articulate young adults and to use their abilities to the full. We provide a calm and happy atmosphere and set high standards of respect, courtesy, hard work and achievement for all children and adults. I believe “we get the balance right” between high expectations of learning, behaviour, pastoral care and co-curricular participation.


Learning together in a co-ed classroom has many benefits for both genders. Whether at work or in the home, men and women cooperate in their daily lives all the time and students who attend a co-educational school are introduced to the benefits of this type of environment well before they enter the workforce – giving them a distinct advantage. Sending your child to a school with boys and girls will encourage their self-esteem, social skills and better prepare them for a diverse world where both genders play important roles. Co-ed environments teach students to have respect for their opposite sex peers, expose them to different viewpoints, and help to break down the gender stereotypes.


Our school size of between 700 and 750 students has been proven through international research to be the size for optimum learning to occur. This is because students are known to staff personally and can build meaningful relationships with their teachers.

As parents, you play an important role in the education of your child and I hope that this will be the beginning of a happy and rewarding relationship with your family. Strong, committed partnerships between our school and our parents play a crucial role in our childrens development into successful young adults. By working together we will give your child the best start to adolescence.

I look forward to meeting you and your child in the near future.

Jon Ward

Mission Statement

“Rotorua Lakes High School will provide excellent education to every student”

“Ka whakarato te Kura nei ki nga tauira katoa, he matauranga pai rawa atu”