RLHS Library supports the school’s vision of developing “confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners” through its services, collections, and programmes. Learners are at the center of learning in the library. We give every student the opportunity to learn, enjoy reading, and create new knowledge and understanding in the library.
Most importantly, we provide a safe, sheltered environment for students before school, intervals,s and lunchtime.

To underpin teaching and inquiry learning by providing a rich range of information resources, and technologies for managing, accessing, and using information.
To support the school’s literacy programme and enhance the development of multi-literate students by promoting the links between the classroom, the library, and the wider community in creating a culture of reading for pleasure, as well as for information.
To provide a welcoming and information-rich physical and online environment that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning, underpinned by the New Zealand curriculum’s key competencies and values
To provide school-wide management of information services supported by professional expertise and the school’s ICT infrastructure
To reflect the Treaty of Waitangi and the principles of the New Zealand curriculum promoting equity of access, cultural diversity and inclusion through supporting the needs of all learners and the school community in the library’s collections, services, and environment