House “Whanau” System

“Students are well supported through comprehensive and effective pastoral care systems” (ERO Report 2013) House Groups are the basis of all school organisation. These groups are designed to provide students with a sense of “belonging”, because students will remain permanent members of the same groups into which they are first placed when they enrol at school.

There are four Houses named after four lakes in our area. There are six House Groups in each House and these are under the charge of a Head of House who is responsible for the overall organisation of the House and all activities connected with it.

In each House Group there are about six Year 9 students, six Year 10 students, six Year 11 students and six Year 12 and 13 students, under the care and supervision of a House Group Tutor. That Tutor remains with the same group of students for as long as that teacher is at the school.

TIKITAPU             Mrs H Hodge
ROTOKAKAHI     Mrs D Frost
OKAREKA           Miss A Sincock
TARAWERA        Mrs S Anaru

House Groups are a vital part of the school. They give every student a “home” base with the House Tutor in a “parent” role. Students meet with their House Tutor each morning before the teaching day starts. It is a time for checking out any problems, absences, uniform and appearance, celebrating achievements and checking in general, on the overall well-being of each student.






Upcoming Events

  • 8-10 March, Yr 13 Camp
  • 8 March,
    Yr 11 Geography Trip
    to Waitomo
  • 21 March,
    Yr 13 Tourism Trip
  • 23 March,
    Yr 12 Tourism Trip
  • 30 March,
    Eastern Community of Learners Launch
    Holiday Inn, Tyron St., Rotorua
    3.40pm - 5.00pm
  • 11-14 April, Yr10 Camp

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